Surf coaching is a relatively new thing, only arriving in the mainstream from competitive surfing in the last decade as the sport has professionalised throughout the world. Often seen as a lifestyle rather than a sport, there is a growing realisation that you can improve quickly through a combination of good coaching and correct technique understanding in the fundamental skills re-enforced through water drills, land training, video analysis, fitness and flexibility. Your journey through surfing is never ending and continues to enlighten as you progress. Even the top surfers in the world will tell you they have been learning all their lives.



Surfers at this level are new to the sport or are inconsistent at standing.

Our introductory class covers the basics of water confidence, paddling, catching waves and learning to stand. Further classes build both standing and prone white water surfing skills and confidence. We also look at safety, etiquette and the basics of surf culture so you get an excellent introduction to the world of surfing.



Surfers at this level can consistently stand and are focusing on catching unbroken waves.

We look at beach and wave analysis, paddling technique, wave timing, etiquette and speed control. We offer skill building drills, fitness and flexibility exercises to match your ability and the conditions on the day.



Surfers at this level can consistently catch and ride along unbroken waves up to head high and will be able to do some basic turning and speed control.

At this stage our coaching looks to teach an understanding of speed control and lines on the wave alongside a better understanding of positioning, wave reading and equipment knowledge. We will also look at the basics of good turning technique and using a range of drills, land training and video coaching and analysis help you improve.



Surfers at level 4 should have good understanding of waves and fundamental skills, such as bottom turns, speed generation, top turns and cut backs and be comfortable in a range of surfing conditions and wave types including overhead surf.

At this stage we are looking to increase knowledge in a number of areas including equipment, wave energy, surf culture, wave types, alongside improving your fundamental skill understanding to draw new lines, improve speed and style.