This level offers a fantastic opportunity for surfers to improve their unbroken wave riding style and control and include a friendly Coast to Coast senior instructor and top of the range surf equipment!

Surfers at this level can consistently ride unbroken waves with an element of control up to head high in size. Surfers must be able to swim 100m and be comfortable paddling out in a range of surf conditions. Junior surfers are welcome as long as they have the swimming requirements, passed our level 2 requirements and are comfortable in bigger surf. If young juniors are starting at this level video evidence maybe required.

At this stage our coaching looks to teach an understanding of speed control and lines on the wave alongside a better understanding of positioning, wave reading and equipment knowledge. We will also look at the basics of good body dynamics to help turning technique and using a range of drills, land training and video coaching and analysis help you improve.

These lessons can be bought as one off lessons or part of a skill development package. If surf is poor or flat, lessons can go online or be done as surf simulation via land training skate lessons. We can also look at flat day fitness and paddle technique in detail so you are always learning whatever the conditions. If you live further away and are interested in online lessons only just get in touch as we will look to offer this in the Autumn and Winter 2020.




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"the instructors clearly know what they are doing and we've learnt more in four days than in the three years and dozens of lessons we've been taking ... :-))"

Sophie Hirigoyen

Lesson Information


Lessons last two hours and all equipment is provided.  All participants must be over 7 years old and able to swim 50 metres unaided.


We provide top of the range 5mm wetsuits, safe and stable softboards and all accessories required for the time of year so you're really warm! If you're more advanced we also provide hardboards.


We operate from the Belhaven Surf Centre, a wonderful brand new facility on the beach.

The surf centre has hot and cold showers and underfloor heated changing rooms next to the south side of Belhaven Beach.


All equipment is provided but please bring a swim costume towel and sun protection.

If you require medication such as inhalers, insulin etc, please ensure that you notify instructors so it can be taken to beach in our safety bag.


Standard lessons have a max ratio of 1 instructor to 8 pupils and often supplemented with an extra assistant. Advanced classes are 1:4 max.

Our staff all have lifesaving or beach lifeguard qualifications, are disclosure checked, and have an ASI or ISA level 1, 2 or 3 instructor qualification. Four of our current team have been Scottish National Champions in either surfing, longboarding or bodyboarding in the recent past.


South East Scotland is one of the UK's best locations to learn to surf with perfect, small beginner waves in Scotland's sunniest location.  Belhaven Beach is one of the best beginner friendly beaches in Scotland.

In the event of no waves, you will be contacted in advance and offered an alternative sport suitable to the weather conditions, such as stand up paddle, coasteering, surf skate or a beginner zero surf class.  Our range of sports means that we can offer an activity in all but the most extreme weather conditions.