Our Level two lessons are a great introduction to catching and riding along small unbroken waves and include a friendly Coast to Coast qualified surf instructor and top of the range surf equipment plus everything you need to know to have fun in the surf safely!

Lessons at this level cover skills such as paddling, catching and trimming along small unbroken waves plus an introduction to basic turns and speed control. Knowledge areas cover positioning, reading waves and how to time take off correctly plus wave etiquette, equipment understanding and surf forecasting.

Lessons are open to surfers who can stand consistently with control in the white water and can swim a minimum of 50m! We will offer lessons for younger surfers (8-10yrs) at this level if they have successful achieved level 1.

These can be done as one off lessons or combined as a series of individual skill lessons available at level 2.


For the period 9th Oct to 25th Oct inclusive – Government statement on the 7th Oct.  The government statement has asked that central belt population try whenever possible to stay to their local health board area and not use public transport. Due to this travel advice we ask that all customers that book in this period have a Lothian address (or are staying in Lothian). We also ask that all customers can travel to us by private transport. 

A full list of our procedures and expectations are on our CV19 page.

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“My experience was great, at the start of the week the conditions weren’t ideal but the instructors, who i think had a tremendous blend of skill, experience and ability didn’t bemoan the conditions but instead had us working on technique, with drills that didn’t require perfect conditions; and that was exactly what i was after – something to help me move on from my surfing plateau.”


Lesson Information


Lessons last two hours and all equipment is provided.  All participants must be over 7 years old and able to swim 50 metres unaided.


We provide top of the range 5mm wetsuits, safe and stable softboards and all accessories required for the time of year so you're really warm! If you're more advanced we also provide hardboards.


We operate from the Belhaven Surf Centre, a wonderful brand new facility on the beach.

The surf centre has hot and cold showers and underfloor heated changing rooms next to the south side of Belhaven Beach.


All equipment is provided but please bring a swim costume towel and sun protection.

If you require medication such as inhalers, insulin etc, please ensure that you notify instructors so it can be taken to beach in our safety bag.


Standard lessons have a max ratio of 1 instructor to 8 pupils and often supplemented with an extra assistant. Advanced classes are 1:4 max.

Our staff all have lifesaving or beach lifeguard qualifications, are disclosure checked, and have an ASI or ISA level 1, 2 or 3 instructor qualification. Four of our current team have been Scottish National Champions in either surfing, longboarding or bodyboarding in the recent past.


South East Scotland is one of the UK's best locations to learn to surf with perfect, small beginner waves in Scotland's sunniest location.  Belhaven Beach is one of the best beginner friendly beaches in Scotland.

In the event of no waves, you will be contacted in advance and offered an alternative sport suitable to the weather conditions, such as stand up paddle, coasteering, surf skate or a beginner zero surf class.  Our range of sports means that we can offer an activity in all but the most extreme weather conditions.