Scottish Surfing Competition and Surf Events


  • Sandend Grom Comp, Sandend, 20th October for results
  • UK PRO Tour Thurso 17th-18th October for results
  • British Cup 6th/7th October 2018 for results
  • Gathering of Clans (Scottish Inter-Clubs), Tiree,  15/16th September 2018 for results.
  • Euro Junior Surf Champs Portugal July 20-29th 2018.

EuroSurf Junior 2018 took place in Santa Cruz, Portugal on the 20-29th of July.  Team Scotland which comprised of Craig Sutherland (Coach), Ben Larg (TSC), Mikey Hall (DSC), Malcolm Todd (DSC), Craig McLachlan (NSSC), Finn MacDonald (TSC), Clover Christopherson (DSC), Marcelle Lockheart (Chaperone) and Martin Larg (Manager) fought it out against 16 other nations for the European Titles in the following divisions; U14 mixed, U16 Boys and Girls, U18 Boys and Girls shortboarding, Longboarding and Junior boys and girls Bodyboarding.

Scotland finished in 11th place ahead of Wales.  Full rankings are shown on the table below:


Standout performances were from our local Dunbar Junior Clover Christopherson (SCO) who made it all the way to the repechage final of the Junior Girls Bodyboarding. Thurso junior Craig McLachlan (SCO) who made it to repechage round 3 of the U14 boys. Dunbar Junior Michael Wimbledon-Hall who made it to rep 4 u18 boys and U16 bodyboarding and rep 3 in the Longboard U18!  12yr Craig McLachlan and 13yr Ben Larg both made it to repechage 2 of the U16 boys. Ben Larg (SCO) posted the highest wave score of any of the Scots in the shortboard divisions.

Coast to Coast Lowland Longboard Champs Belhaven 28th/29th April 2018

Ran in small surf and lovely sunshine. A huge entry saw the biggest longboard competition of the year in Scotland with 8 heats in the longboard mens and 6 heats in the juniors. Thanks to all that attended and the many helpers on the day. Was such a great vibe!

Congratulations to winners

Mens longboards Cees Willems,  Ladies Longboards Clover Christopherson , Mikey Wimbledon U18 Longboards, U16 Bodyboard Mikey Wimbledon, U18 Boys Shortboard Mikey Wimbledon, U18 Girls Shortboard Clover Christopherson and U14 Shortboard Ben Kobedza. Full results to follow on our events page.

Junior Qualifying events for the national team spaces where won by Mikey Wimbledon (U18 Longboard and U16 Bodyboard) and Malcolm Todd was 2nd (in the U16 Bodyboard). (Photos Mike and Clover above and Mike 13yrs cross stepping in the final).


Scottish Surf Championships Thurso 30th March to 2nd April 2018

Congratulations to our Coast to Coast Junior team surfers.

  • Clover Christopherson, still 15 years, won the U18 girls surf division and was 3rd in the mixed U18 surf category (photo of Clover by Andy Bennets)
  • Mikey Wimbledon was 2nd in the U14 surfing and he won, still 13 years, the open bodyboard men and junior U18yrs bodyboarding.
  • Malcolm Todd was 2nd in the Junior Bodyboard and Jamie was 3rd.

This means we will likely have three juniors from our Dunbar team qualifying for the Scottish team and going to the European Junior surfing championships in Portugal in July 2018. Great results

Scottish National Junior Squad Training Camp, Lanzarote, 15-20 February. We are delighted that three of our junior team. Mikey Wimbledon Hall, Noah Carter and Jamie Gibson all attended this junior week. Run by the excellent Suds and Marty, the week was a great success with all three boys having a lot of fun and learning to perfect their bottom turns!

Scottish Surfing Championships Thurso, 30th March-2nd April 2018.

Congratulations to our Coast to Coast Junior team surfers.

  • Clover Christopherson, still 15 years, won the U18 girls surf division and was 3rd in the mixed U18 surf category (photo of Clover by Andy Bennets)
  • Mikey Wimbledon was 2nd in the U14 surfing and he won, still 13 years, the open bodyboard men and junior U18yrs bodyboarding.
  • Malcolm Todd was 2nd in the Junior Bodyboard and Jamie was 3rd.

This means we will likely have three juniors from our Dunbar team qualifying for the Scottish team and going to the European Junior surfing championships in Portugal in July 2018. Great results


17th-20th Nov 2017

Six of our juniors (mikey/ clover/ Noah/ Iona/ michael/ Jamie) and two seniors (Sam/Diane) plus judge Lisa where part of the Scottish national team in Ireland. Some great surfing with Clover being the only scot to win a division winning the girls under 16’s. Sam was 2nd in the mens longboarding, Diane 3rd in the ladies and Mikey was 3rd in the U14’s and 4th in the U18’s


Was held in super small surf. Stand out surfer of the comp was 13yrold Mikey Wimbledon who won the U14’s, U18s and Longboard Juniors. Jamie Gibson won the bodyboarding and Clover Christopherson the U18 girls. There where also great surfing by all competitors particularly to finalists Michael Mooney, Noah Carter, wee Ebon, Ethan, Pippa and Harriet. The biggest cheers of the day where for the under 10yrs with Ansel, Sylvie, Joel and Reuban proper freestyling the expression session!

U18s GIRLS FINAL                     TOWN                        SCORE

  1. Clover Christopherson      Dunbar                         8.5
  2. Harriet Bee                         Aberdour                      5.8
  3. Pippa Carter                        Dunbar                         3.2


  1. Mikey Wimbledon             Dunbar                        7.6
  2. Michael Mooney                Falkirk                          5.9
  3. Noah Carter                        Dunbar                         4.4
  4. Jamie Gibson                     Glasgow                        2.2


  1. Jamie Gibson                         Glasgow                       11
  2. Mikey Wimbledon                Dunbar                         6.8
  3. Clover Christopherson         Dunbar                         4.2
  4. Noah Carter                            Dunbar                        4
  5. Flyn Petrie                              North Berwick            3.7


  1. Mikey Wimbledon              Dunbar                            12
  2. Noah Carter                         Dunbar                            7
  3. Michael Mooney                 Falkirk                             5.5
  4. Jamie Gibson                      Glasgow                           4


  1. Mikey Wimbledon             Dunbar                            15
  2. Michael Mooney                 Falkirk                            12
  3. Ethan Nicholls                    Edinburgh                        8
  4. Ebon Parkin                         Dunbar                             7

6th-16th October 2017 EUROPEAN SENIOR SURF CHAMPS Norway

Congratulations to our surf instructors Josh Christopherson and Sam Christopherson who represented Scotland at the recent Euro Surf champs in Norway. Josh became the first Scot to reach a European final coming 4th in the Bodyboard division. Sam got to repo round 3 (effectively quarter final) in the longboards finishing 8th. We are super stoked with their surfing! Also well done to Coast to Coasts Lisa who was Scottish team judge and ex Coast to Coast Instructor Phoebe Strachan who came 5th in the womens bodyboard an amazing result!! Scotland finished 10th overall.

Facebook posts for photos and video.

15-18 September 2017 GATHERING OF THE CLANS Tiree SSF Well done to Lisa Monteith for 3rd in the Gathering of the Clans. WRITE UP see

3-4 June 2017 COAST TO COAST SURF SPRINTS Belhaven. 10 teams battled it out for the annual surf sprints title. Excellent turn out and some great swim, paddle and SUPing going on!


Our coast to coast team did super well! Josh winning the national senior bodyboard title, Oisin winning the national Junior title, Sam 2nd in the Longboard senior division, Clover 2nd in the Under 18 girls, Mikey 2nd in the Under 18 boys, Michael 3rd U14 boys, Iona 4th Under 18 girls and Diane 4th Ladies.

Malcolm, Gregor and Malcolm also surfed well!

1/2nd April 2017 COAST TO COAST LOWLAND LONGBOARD Belhaven. Due to lack of waves this event did not run. The first time in 6 years.


Eurojunior Surf 2016 3rd–11th December Agadir Morocco. Coast to Coast has a big input into Scotland’s most successful team at junior or senior level in these championships coming 9th of 16th teams. Three juniors Oisin Strachan u18 bodyboard, Clover Christopherson U18 girls surfing, U18 girls bodyboarding, U14 mixed surfing and U16 mixed bodyboarding and Mickey Wimbledon U16 Bodyboard where from our junior development team. All three made rounds in the competition with Mickey doing the best of our kids competitively making four rounds aged just 12yrs at U16 level. And Clover got the highest result 9th in the female bodyboarding aged 14 in an U18 age band. Lots of potential!

There where also great results by other Scottish Juniors, Andrew Robertson, Finn McDonald, Ben Larg and Iona McClachlan. Team Coach was Sam Christopherson (Coast to Coast Senior Instructor) and Marty Larg (Team Manager)

Oct Big Blue Fundraiser – free pizzas to raise money from the Big Blue alongside cake sales and barbeque raised £1200 for the three Dunbar juniors going to Morroco . Amazing effort and a massive thank you!

The Ocean Film Festival 10th Sep went down a treat on Wednesday night with some great films and a big thank you by our surf groms who raised money for the scottish juniors heading to Morrocco for the European champs in December – £243 raised thank you everyone!

Gathering of the Clans 27th-30th August Hosts Tiree Surf club. The annual Scottish surf club competition inviting teams from around the country to compete in 5 divisions, Open Surf, Open Longboard, Ladies shortboard, Mens Seniors and Juniors.

Congratulations to Iona Turner 17yrs (one of our surf assistants and junior development team members) who got 2nd in the Open Ladies at Gathering of the Clans last week in Tiree and also to wee Elliot Young 12yrs who finished 4th in the juniors under 18 (also a development squad member). Also a big shout out to Jamie from the wave project who finished 3rd in the Open.


Coast to Coast Surf Sprints 25th/26th June 2016 Belhaven .

We hosted a fantastic Paddle event at Belhaven!

_68A3772Official Results from COAST TO COAST SURF SPRINTS 4km SUP TECHNICAL PADDLE (sponsored by LOCO).
1 Neil Craig Berwick 28.43
2 Andrew Brimelaw North Berwick 30.49
3 Adam Gairns Edinburgh 30.51
4 Josh Christopherson Dunbar 32.17
5 Craig McDougall North Berwick 34.58
6 James Buchanan Co’ Path 36.11
7 Will Kirkham Co’ Path 37.36
8 David Kittrick Dunbar 38.12
9 Tom Wakeford Nairn 39.15

Neil Craig and Andrew Brimelaw qualify for the two SUP Technical Scottish Team spaces in Fiji in the worlds (in Nov).
_68A4202Photos from If any riders would like a photo – it can be arranged with a donation to the fundraiser to the Scottish Junior Surf Team.

Official Results from the COAST TO COAST SURF SPRINTS 6 Person Team event.

1. Adam & Co
2. Team 2
3. Swim B
4. Lazy

Category winners
200m RUN SWIM RUN wee Sam 13yrs
200m SURF PADDLE Mikey Wimbledon 12yrs
_68A5136200m SUP PADDLE Clover Christopherson 13yrs

Great fun afternoon event, with lots of funds raised for the Scottish Juniors. Massive thank you to Mike Guest for the photos and Frazer Reid for the Trophy Shield. Also to Jamie Marshall for judging and time keeping and everyone on the day for helping make it such a fun event!


Coast to Coast Lowland Longboard Surf Comp  2016

Coast to Coast hosted Scotland’s biggest ever longboard competition on the 23rd/24th April at Belhaven beach, Dunbar. Thanks to our sponsors STAUNCH and ALDER.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.55.2289 competitors going head to head with flow, tricks and good vibes and a variety of surf craft! From mini groms as young as 11yrs to lade back masters in their early 50s. Surf was consistently head to overhead and the sun came out on finals day!

The Grom events where really well attended with kids from all over Scotland and Northern England !

In the short board junior surfing we had Under 14 and Under 18 divisions that where really competitive, the U14’s saw a big entry with the local surfers from Dunbar doing well with 4 of the 5 finalists. Elliot and Michael both still at primary school, surfed really well to make the final but just didn’t get the waves. Malcolm Todd, the most improved youngster in the last few months really surfed well getting a couple of bombs (one just after the buzzer) to get third. That left Scottish team juniors Clover Christopherson from Dunbar and Tiree’s Ben Larg go head to head, both surfers caught great waves with Ben’s great style and turn combinations getting the nod. In the Under 18 division, this was dominated by surfers from the north coast and Fife, with Connor Wilson catching some great waves and showing why hes one of the most talented juniors in Scotland just now . Jacob Portchmouth surfed excellently to get 2nd and Malcolm Todd, Iona Turner and Ben Larg all surfed well in tricky conditions to make the places.


In the junior U18 longboard division, stand outs in the semi finals where Robbie McNicol (thurso) and Connor, Jacob and Iona Turner (Edinburgh) combined flow and turns to score high to qualify! Iona showed a little inexperience and couldn’t quite find the rhythm in the final (4th), Connor surfed well but couldn’t find the form of his short boarding to take 3rd. Jacob really stepped up his game to finish 2nd with Robbie McNicol from Thurso dominating the final and will take the Scottish Junior Longboard position at the European Championships in Morrocco and The Coast to Coast Junior Longboard title!


In the Junior bodyboarding we had a tremendously exciting contest with the biggest entry! Stand outs in the early rounds where Mickey Wimbledon with his trade mark superman position and Oisin Strachan showing a great eye for the bigger waves. The final was an all East Lothian affair with young Flynn from North Berwick bodyboarding super well in his first competition, taking on big waves and almost completing some 360’s, Clover (Dunbar) caught the wave of the final but couldn’t back it up with a second wave! Mickey (Dunbar) brought in the superman style to fly into second. And Oisin (Dunbar) Strachan caught a couple of great waves to take the title. Oisin qualifies for the U18 Scottish team Bodyboard Position, with Mickey and Clover gaining the U16 positions. Congrats to all the kids for some great surfing!!

In the Mens Stand Up Paddle Surfing we had a super open field with a dozen SUPers travelling from as far north as Thurso and as far south as North Yorkshire. The event was super competitive from the start with some high scoring waves and critical drops and turns on show for the cheering crowd! In the early heats we should mention a special shout out for local Andrew Brimlow who surfed really well only to get knocked out narrowly by the eventual top two SUPers in the event. In the semi finals we saw some great surfing from all six SUPers with Nick Graham (Saltburn) and Simon Dunton (Yorkshire) going head to head with Scottish lads Neil Craig (Borders) and Martin Downing (Aberdeen) – all making the final! Joe Thwaites and Chris Clarke surfing well but just not quite good enough to make it all the way. In the Final all four Paddlers headed out in great conditions and it went to the wire with the lead changing hands multiple times. In the end Scottish surfers Martin 4th and Neil 2nd missed the win but happily accepted the concellation prize of a place in the Scottish team to head to Fiji for the world champs later this year. Simon surfed really well for third but Nick Graham just did enough to retain his title again from last year – although the others are definitely getting closer!

In the ladies SUP there was impressive SUPing with Nicki Graham from Saltburn winning and Pheobe Strachan coming second (taking the Scottish team place).


In the Open Bodyboarding, Phoebe Bodyboarded really well pushing the men all the way narrowly missing the final but taking the ladies title. The men where putting on a great display of high performance bodyboarding that was excellent to watch! With spin, rolls and flow being critical to success all the finalists had this and more. With almost the same bodyboard final line up as the recent national final in Thurso, two weeks earlier, we had almost an identical result with Rupert Williams bodyboarding superbly to finish 4th, Theo Mario put together a strong combo of rolls and spins for 3rd, but the two stand outs where the current Scottish bodyboard champion Tim Christopherson and brother Josh, who literally went toe to toe only to be seperated by a toe nail at the end. Tim repeating the misery for Josh and taking back to back titles!

In the ladies Longboard division we had some great surfing in the heats with both Dee Ripoll and Phoebe Strachan winning their semi finals and Yvonne Huddart (last years finalist) showing consistency again to make the final. Also surfing well was 16yr old Iona Turner one of the Coast to Coast Development squad making her first senior final! The ladies where greeted with overhead peeling surf for the final and a tricky rip. Iona showed her inexperience and got pulled right out of the surf zone, paddling for most of the final. Yvonne showed great composure but just couldn’t find the waves to finish 3rd. Which left a head to head with Pheobe and Dee (both having done well before in National ladies events). Phoebe caught a couple of cracking left breaking waves in the final, cross stepping early in critical sections but failed to complete the moves falling early on her rides. Dee showed more composure and rode her waves successfully with style all the way to beach to take the womens title and a great return to competitive surfing after a few difficult years due to injury.


In the mens longboard we had 29 enter, with surfers from Tiree to the west, Thurso to the north and Newcastle to the south! Seven 4 man heats kicked off in onshore head high surf, with some great surfing needed just to progress to the quarter finals, early stand outs included Chris Clarke, Jamie Marshall, Adam Baxter, Michael Kissaxk and the Christopherson brothers. Fourteen surfers made the quarter finals on the Sunday morning with challenging shore break making for a hit or miss, heat and some solid names went down, with Josh, Adam Gairns and Martin McQueenie (all surf instructors) getting knocked out at this stage in super competitive quarter finals. The semi finals saw such an impressive range of surfing with overhead peeling rights giving 75m rides and combo’s of racking turns, floaters and cross stepping by many of the surfers. Michael K and Sam picked the choice waves in the first semi, scoring 11.3 and 13 two wave totals leaping into the final. The second final was equally competitive with Adam Baxter and Chris Clarke getting the nod just, with less than half a point between 2nd and 4th. The Final saw the best conditions of the competition with current Scottish Longboard champion Sam Christopherson going head to head with Chris Clarke from Thurso (2nd in the Scottish Champs) and the fluent styles of Adam Baxter and Michael K. With over 200 spectators watching from the dunes, the lads put on a tremendous display of longboard style and ripping turns. All surfers had fantastic waves and the final was in the balance with all surfers showing flow and dynamism. In the end Adam Baxter scored 10.3 and 4th with some lovely turns, cross stepping and flow. Chris Clarke surfed super solid with some trademark gouging turns, scoring 11.4 to get 3rd , Michael K ripped his two waves apart, cross stepping and turning his way to a high final score of 13.5 which left Sam top of the pile again combining his twinkle toe cross stepping with lovely turns and flow all the way to the shore. Sam taking the longboard title with a score of 15 and the first surfer ever to hold both the Scottish National and Coast to Coast Lowland titles in the same year.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 13.02.12

The event had a great vibe and this was down to all the surfers, spectators and high energy from MC Henry! Special thanks also to the RNLI, Christian Surfers and all the judges and organizers. Also thanks to Staunch, Alder and Coast to Coast for the prizes and East Lothian Council supporting the overall promotion as part of the John Muir Adventure Festival.

























  • 13001322_10154790838992564_1330644572953519759_nBeach Clean 16th April 2pm Dunbar. Hosted by Coast to Coast Surf School. 70 volunteers picked up dozens of bags of rubbish, including three tyres and a full bike as part of a national beach clean with Surfers Against Sewage.
  • Spey Marathon River Race 17th April Sup Invited. Host Scottish Canoe Association
  • Scottish University Championships 12th March Aberdeen. Hosted by Scottish Surf Federation. National university championships for Surfing.12512763_10156645704785548_3244105573624026857_n


Scottish Surfing Competition and Surf Events 2015

SURFERS AGAINST SEWAGE DUNBAR BEACH CLEAN SUNDAY 8th NOV 11am 9 Bags of rubbish and a teddy found from east beach and the harbour. Thanks to all the volunteers who turned up (around 30 kids and adults). Part of a great UK effort by surfers Against Sewage volunteers where 170 beaches cleaned and 10 tonnes of rubbish removed that week!! Will outline future dates!

GATHERING OF CLANS COMP in Thurso Oct 24th/25th was an amazing success lead by the rise of the next generation. We had quite a few firsts for Scottish National competitions :

11026145_982304555144610_4466742818753474243_n* the Junior division was the largest of all the divisions (the first time in this competitions history with quarter finals, semi finals and finals)

* We had two very young kids making the junior final (the youngest ever Ben Larg from Tiree/Moray (10yrs) 2nd and Clover Christopherson from Dunbar (13yrs) 4th)!

* Andrew Robertson won the Juniors and also won the Open Division aged 17yrs, the first under 18 ever to win either the Gatherings or National open division! An amazing achievement.

* The team competition was also won for the first time by a team outside Thurso or Fraserburgh.

The event was super friendly vibe with surfers battling out in all divisions in very quite tricky conditions. The competition came down to the wire with Thurso, Dunbar and Moray all capable of winning the full competition with the right result in the final of the open mens event. Moray eventually edging it by a whisker from Dunbar, worthy winners with a very balanced team of great surfers!
The vibe was super positive all weekend from all the competitors and with the development of the junior scene at the heart of this competition the Scottish Surfing scene has a very positive future.

Thanks to all the local surfers who helped the Scottish Surfing Federation run12196161_982784398429959_7384153685388137768_n the event . We’d also like to thank the event sponsors Boardwise, Freeze Pro, Staunch, Coast to Coast and Farr Cabinet Makers for the really cool prizes and trophies. And also to joint organisers Coast to Coast and North Coast Surf Club and all the teams from all over Scotland for putting on a great comp. We’d also like to thank East Lothian Council, Dunbar Traders and Be Green Community Wind Power too for investing in the south east region for future competitions, events and youth development. Roll on 2016!!

Gathering of the Clans Results

Final Open Mens
1.    Andrew Robertson     Dunbar
2.    Jack Isherwood            Moray
3.    Chris Clarke        North Coast
4.    Mark Boyd        North Coast

Final Open Ladies
1.   Shona McGuiness        North Coast
2.   Megan  Mckay                Moray
3.   Diane Christopherson    Dunbar
4=   Phoebe Strachan         Dunbar
4=   Cat MacDonald              Moray

Final Masters
1. Craig Sutherland         Moray
2. Colin McGuiness        North Coast
3. Sam Christopherson    Dunbar
4. Ali Matheson              Moray
5. Alex                              Random Rippers

Final Juniors
1.    Andrew Robertson         Dunbar
2.    Ben  Larg                          Moray
3.    Megan McKay                  Moray
4.    Clover Christopherson    Dunbar

Final Longboard
1.  Chris Clarke                       North Coast
2.  Sam Christopherson        Dunbar
3.  Juvenal  Dufaur              North Coast
4.  Jamie Marshall            Dunbar

Team Results
1. Moray                610
2. Dunbar                600
3. North Coast             525
4 Random Rippers            170

2015-06-14 14.58.22DUNBAR SURF SPRINTS Sun 14th June 2015 Belhaven Beach. Entries Coast to Coast. Was a great event over last weekend and thanks to the 30+ competitors that turned up to race in the sunny 2ft surf conditions.

WATERMAN RELAY TEAM won by a Dunbar collective.
SUP XL TEAM Fastest official team time by Dunbar collective, second Edinburgh Napier
LIFEGUARD  INDIV (300m run/swim/run) individual race won by Kev (Dunbar).
SURF PADDLE LEGEND INDIV  (200m surf paddle sprint) won by Neil (Berwick)
SUP SPRINT MASTER INDIV (200m SUP paddle sprint) won by Yvonne (Dunbar)
ULTIMATE WATERMAN (WOMEN) INDIV (100m Run/ 100m Swim/ 100m Surf paddle/ 100m SUP paddle). won by Adam (Edinburgh Napier).

All six events where handicap events with time advantages to 12&U, 14&U, 40yr+, 50yr+, female and beginners. Full results on our events and facebook pages.

_D4A3032SCOTTISH LOWLAND LONGBOARD 2nd-3rd May 2015 (Juniors (any board) and Adults Longboard and SUP divisions) Belhaven beach Was a super fun comp with a large turn out including 18 folk in the male longboard division. We where greeted with nice 2ft cross shore surf that stayed contestable all day!

SUP Surf
1st Nick (Newcastle)
2nd Simon (Newcastle)
3rd Jo (Northumberland)
4th Steve (Gullane)

Junior Surf
1. Elliott (Dunbar)
2. Michael (Glasgow)
3. Clover (Dunbar)

_D4A3367Ladies Longboard
1. Phoebe (Edinburgh)
2. Anna (Edinburgh)
3. Sarah (Longniddry)
4. Yvonne (Dunbar)

Mens Longboard
1. Tim (Edinburgh)
2. Sam (Dunbar)
3. Josh (Dunbar)
4. Kev (Edinburgh)

Most Rad moves Kev and Annabel
Best Wipeouts Stefan and Clover

SCOTTISH COASTEERING TRAINING DAY 16th April Dunbar – Coast to Coast hosted Scotland’s top minds in coasteering to discuss best practice and latest safety. Attended by 7 Scottish coasteering operations, we where educated by environmental experts from the councils countryside management team P1030645on intertidal wildlife, before being briefed by Adventure licensing representatives over lunch in current best practice in coasteering. The afternoon was then spent with Dunbar Lifeboat team running through safety scenarios to improve response times and work collectively as a team on incident management. Thanks so much for the National Coasteering Charter, the RNLI local team, AALA rep Boab Telfer, Countryside ranger Tara Sykes and Steve at H2O Training for running such a good day.

SCOTTISH CHAMPS THURSO April 3rd-5th 2015. 

1) Chris Noble (Thurso)
2) Scott Main (Thurso)
3) Mark Cameron (Fraserburgh)
4) Andrew Robertson (St Andrews)

1) Shoana Blackadder (Thurso)
2) Phoebe Strachan (Dunbar)
3) Sheila Findlayson (Thurso)
4) Megan McKay (MacDuff)
1) Andrew Robertson (St Andrew’s)
2) Iona McLachlan (Thurso)
3) Megan MacKay (MacDuff)
1) Jason Burnett (Edinburgh)
2) Chris Noble (Thurso)
3) Mark Cameron (Fraserburgh)
4) Ali Matheson (Thurso)
1) Chris Clarke (Dunnet)
2) Iain Masson (Fraserburgh)
3) Mark Boyd (Thurso)
4) Donald Peace (Lossiemouth)
1) Josh Christopherson (Dunbar)
2) Tim Christopherson (Dunbar)
3) Max Ferguson-Hook (Dunbar)
4) Phoebe Strachan (Dunbar)
JUNIOR GIRLS CHAMPION: Iona McLachlan (Thurso)
GRAND KAHUNAS CHAMPION: Peter Strachan (Fraserburgh)
WAVE OF THE WINTER: Mark Boyd (Thurso)


Scottish Surfing Competition and Surf Events 2014

22nd-30th OCT World Games Surfing Peru : Congratulations to Phoebe Strachan (C2C instructors) who was picked to represent the Scotland team at the world games! The team finished 16th out of 22 teams! Amazing for our small nation!

DSC00475Gathering of the Clans ran in Aberdeen Oct. With Scotland’s team competition gaining enteries from Aberdeen, Fraserburgh and the North alongside our young team from Dunbar. We had good results with three of our surf instructors making finals, Max Hook 5th place in the Open division, Phoebe Strachan 3rd place in Ladies and Sam Christopherson winning the Longboarding. Diane King also in the Dunbar team came 4th and we had two juniors Michael Mooney and Clover Christopherson surfing really well in the under 18 division aged 11yrs and 12yrs both narrowly missing the finals. Our team overall came third only 5 points behind North and a little further behind a very strong team from the Broch.

1.Broch Surf Club 600pts
2.North Shore Surf Club 470pts
3.Dunbar Surf Club 465pts
4.Aberdeen A 440pts
5.Aberdeen 1 155pts

1.Scratch (Broch)
2Mark BoydBoydie (NSSC)
3.Chris Noble (NSSC)

1.Katie Watson (Broch)
2.Diane (Dunbar)
3Phoebe Strachan (Dunbar)

1.Iain Masson (Broch)
2.Paul Dickson (Aberdeen A)
3.Donald Peace (NSSC)

1.Sam Christopherson (Dunbar)
2.Iain Masson (Broch)
3.Lester Cruickshank (Broch)

1.Ozvan Masseron (Aberdeen A)
2.Klervi (Aberdeen A)
3.Megan Mackay (NSSC)


SrZ00iwn5seAmaORUq35iI91ZTAiPtIC_XMS0tsM1VAMens Longboard

1 Rinaldo Kutterink (Peterhead)
2 Josh Christopherson (Dunbar)
3 Tim Christopherson (Edinburgh)
4 Sam Christopherson (Dunbar)
5 = Jamie Marshall (Dunbar)
5= Adam Rusbridge (Edinburgh)
6= Jamie Glencross (Edinburgh)
6= Angus MacDonald (Edinburgh)
7= Russell Henderson (Glasgow)
7= Jake Kennedy (Edinburgh)
7= Graham Ferris (Edinburgh)
7= Max Hook (North Berwick)
7= Ross Laird (Edinburgh)

1 Phoebe Strachan (Edinburgh)
2 Angie Fraser (Peterhead)
3 Diane King (Dunbar)
4 Sarah Morrison (Glasgow)
5 Anna BadenHorst (Edinburgh)

1 Phoebe Strachan (Edinburgh)
2 Oisin Strachan (Dunbar)
3 Jake Kennedy (Dunbar)

1 Clover Christopherson (Dunbar)
2 Cameron Thomson (Longniddry)


1. Chris Noble (Thurso)
2. Mark Cameron (Fraserburgh)
3. Mark Boyd (Thurso)
4. Iain Masson (Fraserburgh)

1. Russell Cruishank (Fraserburgh)
2. Lester Cruishank (Fraserburgh)
3. Sam Christopherson (Dunbar)

Sam C nose rideLongboard :
1. Mark Boyd (Thurso)
2. Sam Christopherson (Dunbar)
3. Max Hook (North Berwick)
4. Iain Masson (Fraserburgh)


1. Shona Blackaddder (thurso)
2. Louise Sharp (Edinburgh)
3 Phoebe Strachan (Edinburgh)
4. Katie Watson (Fraserburgh)

1. Andrew Robertson (St Andrews)
2. David Finlayson (Aberdeen)
3. Phoebe Strachan (Edinburgh)


Scottish Surfing Competition and Surf Events 2013

Scottish National Surfing Championships 2013
**** 40th Anniversary ****RESULTS
1st Jamie Bain
2nd Andrew Robertson
3rd Greg Millar
1st Chris Noble
2nd Chris Clark
3rd Mark Cameron
1st Shona Blackadder
2nd Dee Ripoll
3rd Megan McKay
1st Chris Noble
2nd Scott Main
3rd Mark Cameron
1st Mark Boyd
2nd Iain Masson
3rd Robbie McKay

Scottish Surfing Competition and Surf Events 2012

Nov 2012 East Lothian councillors voted car parking charges through for coastal car parks. This is likely to come into play 2014 with £2 per day price or £40 for a season ticket.

Nov 2012 Coast to Coast hosted a film night in Dunbar with over 100 surfers turning up to enjoy the 360 cinema experience at the Coastlife trial. We showed Through the Whiskey Barrel – a great film by Allyn Harper

Oct/Nov 2012 Unfortunately due to poor advanced surfing conditions on the east coast Gathering of the Clans and Granite Reef competitions did not run and have been delayed to 2013.


Coast to Coast Surf School hosted the Scottish Lowland Longboard competition on Saturday the 22nd Sep. We got a great turn out with 42 competitors covering the longboard and SUP events.

In the 10 and under  we had a big increase on previous years and great so see so many talented mini surf riders, loads of switches, attempted head stands, grab turns etc – the final (photo) even got a round of applause by the spectators and judges due to the sheer energy and number of moves! In the 18 and under’s we also had a strong turn out with the most kids in any division we have ever had and was really competitive. So really healthy in the youngsters!!!

The biggest division was the longboarding mens which had 14, meaning 4 heats, semi-finals and finals. There was a great standard on show with the finalists really pushing the boundaries of whats possible in the small 1-2ft surf. The vibe was excellent in the sun with beach dj Ray playing the tunes from the C2C star tent and a really friendly mellow vibe!

More Photos and comp reports will appear on our facebook page!! Thanks so much to East Lothian Council and European Funding for supporting our part of the Tri boarding Festival. And also to Alder Sports and Seaweed Surf for prizes – the groms are stoked!


Longboard 10 & U
1 Harry
2 Clover
3 Angus
4 Flynn
5 Lia

Longboard 18 & U
1 Phoebe
2 Blair
3 Abbie
4 Adam
5 Anna

Longboard Ladies (photo Sally)
1 Sally
2 Phoebe
3 Abbie
4 Susan
5 Anna

Longboard Men
1 Sam
2 Joe
3 Josh
4 John

SUP (photo Mr Bling and the Knight)
1 The Knight
2 Mr Bling
3 Dan

  • 23rd June 2012 SAS Beach Clean East beach  Over 60 people attended the beach clean at Dunbar’s  East Beach as part of the SAS Barefoot Wine UK beach clean on the 23rd June – 327kg of rubbish where collected in 2 hours! Great effort everyone and thanks for coming.
  • Mid July 2012 The brand new toilet block project at Linkfield car park, Belhaven Beach which was around two weeks from been finished with new showers etc has been burned down. We are truely gutted, as are the countryside rangers, as its a project we have all been collective working towards for 7 years. Looks like work will start again once the investigation and insurance have been confirmed and we heard rumours of a young lad potentially turning himself in with connection to the incident.
  • 29th July 2012 Car Park charging protest at Belhaven and Gullane took place. The charges are back on the agenda for the 3rd time in 4 years for East Lothian Beach Car Parks.  The proposal is for charging at 13 beaches that are currently free to park – decision made in October by local councillors likely. If you want to make a comment you can sign this petition set up by a local surfer that has over 800 signatures against the idea.
  • 2012 Scottish surf champs results Thurso March 31st/April 1st.

OPEN 1. Mark Cameron (Fraserburgh), 2. Chris Noble (Thurso), 3. Mark Boyd (Thurso)
LADIES 1. Shoana Blackadder (Thurso), 2. Sarah Dickson (Aberdeen), 3. Jill Noble (Fraserburgh)
LONGBOARDS 1. Mark Boyd (Thurso), 2. Iain Masson (Fraserburgh), 3. Robbie McKay (Macduff)
JUNIORS 1. Jamie Bain (Fraserburgh), 2. Greg Millar (Banff), 3. Andrew Robertson (St Andrews)
SENIORS 1. Chris Noble (Thurso), 2. George Noble (Fraserburgh), 3. Mark Cameron (Fraserburgh)
The prize for highest scoring wave of the day went to Mark Boyd from Thurso.
See for pictures and videos and more information on the contest