So the good news is that some restrictions on individual surfing in Scotland where lifted today 29th May!
Please look at the following advice by the Scottish Surfing Federation in conjunction with Sports Scotland.
Specific attention should be on “Knowing your limits” and safety in the sea! We would advise all new comers to the sport to wait until Phase 2. Please note at Phase 1 Coast to Coast will remain closed. Facilities must stay closed during phase 1 and sharing of equipment is also not allowed. So although our staff are all keen to get back to work, phase 2 will be the point we hope to open with all staff fit and knowledgable in all our new safe working practices.
We are currently working with the Scottish surfing federation and affiliated surf schools to work out a national staged process to opening based on Sports Scotland approval. Once this is in place we will be able to plan and open our booking system again. We hope to do this by June 14th. Sorry for delay as we need official approval from the govt to open and these things take time.
Its all positive and we are moving quickly towards a safe and well organised national opening of surf schools.