Below we have tried to summarise when to book our activities. It is subject to an educated assumptions for phase 3 based on all current information. You can see more from Visit Scotland on a more detailed summary.

We are currently in phase 2 in Scotland.

Phase 2  (June to 3rd July)

  • Maximum two households per lesson
  • Maximum 7 customers per instructor
  • Travel for excercise is limited within 5 miles.
  • Bookings are limited to within 5 miles of Dunbar.
  • Must follow our safety procedures

What we are allowing?

Local bookings for hires, private and household lessons 5 miles from the Dunbar area from the 24th June. You maybe asked for proof of address!


Phase 2 UPDATE  (3rd July -10th July)

  • Travel restriction eased – so customers outside can book hires, private lessons and household lessons in this period. However we still await the detail on the 3rd so please note bookings are with an *

What we are allowing?

Booking for hires, private and household lessons for customer outside the Dunbar area from the 3rd July – although we would say the closer you are the better.


Phase 3  (10th July onwards)

  • No household restriction – confirmed by the government – groups of bigger sizes can meet outside from different households. Await detail.
  • Local travel restriction eased
  • Next update July 10th from the Scottish Surfing Federation for phase 3 in Scotland.

What we are allowing?

We are providing a limited amount of future bookings for our level 1, 2, 3 surf, sup and coasteering courses and our junior holiday courses from July 10th onwards. Hires will be offered too. Again we are positive the detail will be fine but its all with an * when booking (*awaiting detail)


Phase 4 (dates ?)

Its a little too early to speculate dates for this other than the obvious – it will be after phase 3. At this point we hope to return to run a more normal operation with safety and social distancing measures appropriate to the time. Restrictions and advice are changing regularly and we will update as soon as we know more.