Coast to Coast Surf School hosted the Scottish Lowland Longboard competition on Saturday the 22nd Sep. We got a great turn out with 42 competitors covering the longboard and SUP events.

In the 10 and under  we had a big increase on previous years and great so see so many talented mini surf riders, loads of switches, attempted head stands, grab turns etc – the final (photo) even got a round of applause by the spectators and judges due to the sheer energy and number of moves! In the 18 and under’s we also had a strong turn out with the most kids in any division we have ever had and was really competitive. So really healthy in the youngsters!!!

The biggest division was the longboarding mens which had 14, meaning 4 heats, semi-finals and finals. There was a great standard on show with the finalists really pushing the boundaries of whats possible in the small 1-2ft surf. The vibe was excellent in the sun with beach dj Ray playing the tunes from the C2C star tent and a really friendly mellow vibe!

More Photos and comp reports will appear on our facebook page!! Thanks so much to East Lothian Council and European Funding for supporting our part of the Tri boarding Festival. And also to Alder Sports and Seaweed Surf for prizes – the groms are stoked!


Longboard 10 & U
1 Harry
2 Clover
3 Angus
4 Flynn
5 Lia

Longboard 18 & U
1 Phoebe
2 Blair
3 Abbie
4 Adam
5 Anna

Longboard Ladies (photo Sally)
1 Sally
2 Phoebe
3 Abbie
4 Susan
5 Anna

Longboard Men
1 Sam
2 Joe
3 Josh
4 John

SUP (photo Mr Bling and the Knight)
1 The Knight
2 Mr Bling
3 Dan



23rd June 2012 SAS Beach Clean East beach  Over 60 people attended the beach clean at Dunbar’s  East Beach as part of the SAS Barefoot Wine UK beach clean on the 23rd June – 327kg of rubbish where collected in 2 hours! Great effort everyone and thanks for coming.


Mid July 2012 The brand new toilet block project at Linkfield car park, Belhaven Beach which was around two weeks from been finished with new showers etc has been burned down. We are truly gutted, as are the countryside rangers, as it’s a project we have all been collective working towards for 7 years. Looks like work will start again once the investigation and insurance have been confirmed and we heard rumours of a young lad potentially turning himself in with connection to the incident.


29th July 2012 Car Park charging protest at Belhaven and Gullane took place. The charges are back on the agenda for the 3rd time in 4 years for East Lothian Beach Car Parks.  The proposal is for charging at 13 beaches that are currently free to park – decision made in October by local councillors likely. If you want to make a comment you can sign this petition set up by a local surfer that has over 800 signatures against the idea.