Coast to Coast offer high quality equipment for hire, with a full range of wetsuits, surfboards, bodyboards, SUPs and skateboards.



  • Hirers will be required to demonstrate they understand the basics of how RIPs work, if surfing out back, how to safely navigate the breaking zone and other surfers and show an understanding of Wave Etiquette.
  • Surf Hires will take place at Belhaven Beach unless a senior instructor has given written permission to use another risk assessed area.
  • Under 16’s must have adult supervision. In bigger seas a condition of hire will be to surf alongside lesson flags.
  • Customers must ensure prior to hiring that they are not suffering from alcohol or drug abuse or any medical condition that would make it dangerous to participate.
  • Hirers must be able to swim at least 50m for surfing
  • All hirers will be responsible for their own well being in the surf zone.


  • Hirers must be able to swim at least 100m for stand up paddling.
  • SUP hires will be on the Dunbar coastline unless a senior instructor has given written permission to use another risk assessed area.
  • Stand up Paddle hirers must take communication and safety with them if touring locally, and understand self rescue techniques. SUP hirers mist be able to demonstrate an understanding of  RIPS, wind effect on a SUP, dangers in the sea and etiquette with other sea craft. If in doubt have a lesson or stay near our lesson groups.
  • All hirers will be responsible for their own well being in the coastal zone.

We reserve the right to refuse hire to any customer if we consider any of the above conditions are likely not to be met or we consider surf or weather conditions to be unsafe – our senior instructors will have final decision. We observe the Surf Hire Safety guidelines created by the RNLI.

PLEASE CHECK THE LATEST FORECAST BEFORE BOOKING – AS SOMETIMES FORECASTS CAN CHANGE (EVEN OVERNIGHT) AND IT IS DIFFICULT FOR US TO PRE-WARN OR UPDATE ALL CUSTOMERS ESPECIALLY MID SUMMER – light winds and low swell great for SUP, surf 1-3ft good for beginners, 2-4ft Improvers, 2-6ft more advanced – the latest forecast.


Surf and SUP Hires are available at specific session times depending on the time of year, tides and conditions. These times are fixed and have been brought in to fit alongside lessons and minimise “group” overlaps while social distancing is in place.

All hiring is by

  • Online booking and payment
  • Customers to clean hands at sanitising point on arrival
  • Post hire session, customers will be asked to return their equipment to our cleaning area. This will include an initial wash of the used equipment prior to hanging on rails provided before our staff do a phased cleaning process.
  • Customer to clean hands at sanitising point again and pick up their deposit


For the period 9th Oct to 25th Oct inclusive – Government statement on the 7th Oct.  The government statement has asked that central belt population try whenever possible to stay to their local health board area and not use public transport. Due to this travel advice we ask that all customers that book in this period have a Lothian address (or are staying in Lothian). We also ask that all customers can travel to us by private transport. 


It is a condition of hire that customers agree :

  • If you deliver the rented equipment after the time period of rental has expired you will pay any additional charge for that extra period of time.
  • to return equipment in a satisfactory undamaged condition with leashes coiled and wetsuits washed inside out.

Should any equipment be returned in a damaged condition, Coast to Coast reserves the right to charge a fee to cover the cost of the repair. Any damage to or loss must be reported immediately and it is a condition of hire that the customer will be responsible for any damage or loss occurring.

Examples of damage: dents, chips and deep scratches, loss of fins, fin plugs, leash, leash plugs, slash cuts to the wetsuit, zips breaking or stitching damaged. If equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair the Customer will be charged at the full replacement cost.

Coast to Coast shall have the final decision on whether equipment which has been damaged and whether the extent of damage warrants replacement or repair. Failure to return hire equipment may be the subject of a complaint to the police by Coast to Coast of theft in addition to seeking financial compensation explained above.

All hire payment must be paid online in advance or contactless We also require a photographic deposit (in the form of personal ID – driving license/ passport etc). For updated 2020 Coast to Coast terms and conditions