2021 has started with restrictions in place in Scotland and although its looking very positive for a good summer we still envisage a few more up’s and downs so please check these updates. You can read more official updates from Sport Scotland and the Scottish Surfing Federation on other posts in the cv19 section.

12th March The government gave local Non Contact sport the go ahead to start with juniors and adults from the local area. This means sports like golf, tennis and watersports such as surfing where good to start again. Numbers allowances per instructor are not effected for our norms, so 1 to 8 for surfing or paddle boarding from the start with our established CV19 procedures to keep you safe. This means East Lothian adult and junior customers can start from when we open on 1st April. The only exception to this is a special travel allowance for junior sport in ajoining council areas (for us Edinburgh/ Midlothian and Borders) where regular attendance of a regular facility and sport can allow a junior to cross borders. For us this means surf club or development team members or junior customers that attend the surf school regularly.

26th April looks likely to be the date customers outside of East Lothian should be able to join us when Domestic travel restrictions are lifted nationally and many other exceptions of the economy will start. Please note Scotland moves into a tier system at that stage and it will be important that both your own area and East Lothian have low enough tier levels for restrictions to enable travel between us.  We don’t know the detail here but we will adapt to bookings when we know more if needed. We would also recommend booking in advance, as a lot of people are forward booking to guarantee space so its best to do this and not miss out. If at all worried you can see our cv19 policy on cancellations – as we refund or re-arrange if anyone is effected.