One of the areas we have looked at closest is the potential changes to our emergency action plans brought about by the risk of CV-19.

All our future lessons will be run at 2m distancing for staff and customers and there will be an expectation that customers arrive healthy with an ability to be able to swim competently.

At the start of all lessons there will be a demonstration and practice time set aside for customers to practice and learn self rescue. We don’t expect you to need this in a normal lesson but its important you understanding the principles.

We are also preparing, as we always do for, the eventuality of an unexpected incident, where a customer does require help. In these cases our staff will have been issued with a number of new procedures including distance rescue techniques. We are also looking at the possibility of new personal protection for staff in the water – and are looking at products already on the market for watersports safety personnel such as the RNLI – such as a helmet and visor pictured. These helmets have also been used by surfers and kitesurfer for decades to protect the head from injury and are both tough and light weight and are tested to a high industry standard. For us the introduction of a helmet with a visor seems like a potential sensible useful addition to the emergency action procedures! We are currently discussing this idea with both safety and national governing bodies and will be also testing the equipment ourselves.