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Coast to Coast Surf School has been offering surf and bodyboard lessons since 2004. We have experienced staff including national surf and bodyboard champions. Local surf lessons take place at Belhaven bay, the closest consistently surfed beach to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Junior surfers can join us from 7 years with no upper age limit! Lessons, Hires and Courses from start April to end October.

Groups please get in touch too directly if not enough availability shown on your preferred date.


Our bodyboarding lessons offer a really fun, fast introduction to wave riding!  The kit is super light, easily transportable and its the cheapest way to get into surfing too! Ideal for kids or adults!!

Josh our senior bodyboard instructor is so positive about bodyboarding its infectious! He recently got to the final of the 2017 European championships in Bodyboarding and takes most of our classes you are in good hands!!

 “Bodyboarding is awesome, it’s totally gave me a new perspective on waves!” Colin, Edinburgh

ADULTS: £40,   JUNIORS: £30
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We have a wide range of bodyboard skill building lessons from drawing good lines on the wave, perfecting turns, rolls or spins, to advanced aerial manouvers. Our senior instructor Josh was Scottish Bodyboard champion 2015 and 2017 and 4th in European champs in 2017. He is super enthusiastic about bodyboarding and welcomes the chance to share his expertise with fellow bodyboarders!

Availability : Advanced bodyboarding classes are off season April and Oct when the surf is bigger.

“At an advanced level, bodyboarding is truely acrobatic!!” Sam Instructor

ADULTS: £40,   JUNIORS: £30