We welcome surfers who want to improve their unbroken wave riding skills. Surfers at this level should be able to surf along waves with an element of consistency and control. If you want to improve your style or technique or improve fundamental moves such as bottom turns, cutbacks, top turns or round houses this would be a good level of lesson for you.

Our senior coaches have more than a decade of surf coaching and practical experience, surfing to a high level.

Advanced surf coaching on the east coast March/April/ October/November and December (Just call to book) when the surf is bigger .  In the summer, the north and west coast islands courses are best for this level, with surf amazing on Europe’s most consistent summer coastlines “Scottish Surf Adventures“.

” learned a lot and you did a great job finding the right waves for the group. At the end I was catching loads more waves. I was given excellent tips and I had great conditions to put it all in practice. The photos and videos also helped a lot!” Enilson