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Coast to Coast offer a hire service that is built around your needs. We offer two ways to hire :

  • BEACH HIRE from Belhaven beach at lesson class times (10.30am, 1.30pm, 4.30pm and 7pm). This has the advantages of pick up at beach car park (i.e. no roof racks) and also safety/company in the surf alongside our lessons. During the summer holidays and weekends we normally hire this way all the time.
  • HUB HIRE from our base at Dunbar Station arranged in advance. Provides you with independent movement along the coast and we can provide free soft roofracks for bigger boards.  We also have a range of inflatable SUP’s for hire to make SUP transport easy. This is normal for the winter and early, spring, late autumn to hire this way.

Please book in advance to arrange hires for both options, 07971 990361 or [email protected]


Hire prices below for 2-3 hour sessions (10.30am-1.30pm, 1.30pm-4.30pm, 4.30pm-7pm, 7-9pm).

  • WETSUITS (plus accessories) £10
  • SURFBOARDS (soft) £10
  • SURFBOARDS (hard) £15
  • BODYBOARDS (including fins) £10
  • STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS (plus paddles) £15 

Double session beach hire (height of season) or day hire ( up to 6 hour hire sessions)

  • WETSUITS (plus accessories) £15
  • SURFBOARDS (soft) £15
  • SURFBOARDS (hard) £25
  • BODYBOARDS (including fins) £15
  • STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS (plus paddles) £25



We are members of the Surf Hire Safety scheme run by the RNLI and operate with certain rules to ensure safety and a good vibe in the water.

  • Hires must have had a lesson with a surf or sup school (or us) or be with someone who has experience and will supervise them.
  • All Surf/ Bodyboard hirers should understand the basics of how RIPs work and what Wave Etiquette is.
  • Under 16′s must have adult supervision.
  • Customers must ensure prior to hiring that they are not suffering from alcohol or drug abuse or any medical condition that would make it dangerous to participate.
  • Hirers must be able to swim at least 50m for surfing and 100m for stand up paddling.
  • Stand up Paddle hirers must take communication and safety with them if touring locally, and understand self rescue techniques. SUP hirers must understand the basics of RIPS, wind effect on a SUP and etiquette with other sea craft. If in doubt have a lesson or stay near our lesson groups.

We reserve the right to refuse hire to any customer if we consider any of the above conditions are likely not to be met or we consider surf or weather conditions to be unsafe.